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Health Coaching Intensive

Hi there!

This in-depth 75-minute intensive includes:

  • A deep dive into the areas of your wellness needing attention
  • Goal & intention-setting activities
  • Tools, tips & resources to get you started
  • The opportunity to ask questions & gain guidance
  • A great kickstart to help you launch new routines & habits

After you've scheduled, be on the lookout for an email from me with a Health History form to complete prior to our session.

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What People Are Saying:

Georgia really changed the way I think about myself and the ways that I treat my body. She immediately started the program with the attitude I was looking for and helped me to understand the ways that my mindset plays a huge role in my own personal health. She provided me with tangible tools and advice based on the specific needs I was looking for such as snack recipes, mindfulness tips, etc.

Hannah D.

Georgia helped by setting goals to work towards between each session and building in habits a little bit at a time. It was really helpful to have small, new things to incorporate between sessions so it actually felt manageable. Georgia is also really great about checking in between calls and always being there as a resource when you need a little help. The knowledge I gained through the coaching sessions and habits I built have helped me really set a great routine cooking healthy and fun meals. The most significant change was feeling much more grounded in my physical space and mental space. I would describe Georgia as: thoughtful, honest, encouraging and warm. It was so easy to open up to Georgia and really know that she cared about all aspects of my health and wellness journey. From the beginning, I felt like I could be honest about my goals and struggles and not feel like I was failing if I wasn’t sticking to the routines we’d talked about every single time we spoke. She was so encouraging that progress is a process and it is all about getting started and continuing to put in the work. She is also just so much fun to chat with and makes health and wellness fun, not scary or overwhelming!

Courtney E.

The biggest change I have noticed since starting the program is cooking, baking & meal prep! Before our sessions I ate out most meals of the week & never took the time to learn how to cook for myself. Georgia provided me with several quick, simple recipes with GOOD ingredients that made me excited to get into the kitchen. I now have a handful of great recipes that I love and make weekly. Another change I’ve noticed is my relationship to food & self. Prior to these sessions I often binge/restricted certain foods I had redeemed as ‘bad’. Through my sessions we were able to talk through these issues & come up with action steps to eliminate these behaviors, ultimately leading to more sustainable eating habits & increased self-confidence free of guilt due to overeating. I would recommend Georgia to anyone who is struggling with their relationship to food, relationship to self, finding balance, understanding how health & wellness are crucial to your overall well being, motivation to make health & wellness a priority.

Ellie D.