The Mindset Reset

I'm ready to reclaim my power!

A bit about my own journey.... 


For years I struggled with a challenging relationship with food & exercise, perfectionism, constant anxiety, lack of fulfillment & direction in my life.

But when I began to prioritize ALL aspects of my wellness fully & pushed through the limiting beliefs holding me back, everything in my life changed for the better. 

I started practicing balance without restrictions, drew unlimited possibilities for myself, & tackled stress by changing my beliefs about what was possible for me.

Today, as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I work with women struggling with many of the same issues as I once did to help them reclaim their power & finally live their most meaningful, energized lives!

This comes from diving into & setting goals in all aspects of wellness from nutrition to physical activity, relationships, spirituality, career & so much more.

To make this life-changing transformation possible for everyone, I’ve taken the methodology, tools, & techniques I utilize with my one-on-one clients to design a Bootcamp that is more accessible so that YOU can also cultivate this incredible change within your own life - but in a lot less time.

Stop the Self-Sabotage

& Say Yes to You! 


In seven days you will:

  • Understand what’s holding you back from achieving your goals and optimal wellness & learn how to let go and take back control of your life.

  • Learn how to alter your mindset & implement more intentional action in your life.

  • Gain clarity & confidence through the evidence-based, tried & tested tools to achieve balance and peace.

  • Set specific goals in various areas of your health AND begin actioning on these goals through new daily routines.

  • Leave with a personalized roadmap for how to achieve your goals & begin living your absolute BEST life.

This is for you if:
  • You are struggling with motivation, inspiration & discipline.

  • You want to crush your limiting beliefs & be confident in yourself & your POTENTIAL.

  • You're ready to live a life of balance, but you feel strongly that things are holding you back when it comes to food, unhealthy habits & exercise.

  • You’re over neglecting your owns needs & are ready to take control of your future and claim your power.

Change your mindset about what "being healthy" looks like!


Kicking off on Monday, June 20th until June 27th.

Cultivate a renewed perspective to change the way you think about yourself and the ways you treat your body.

Join the founding group of this bootcamp that will change the way you think about health for GOOD.

Don't forget to use the discount code MINDSETRESET for $25 off! Valid through June 6th.

Heck yes!









Create the life of balance that you deserve - no more false starts, quick fixes, or extremes.

Client Testimonials


"The most significant change I noticed was the way my body feels! I feel a lot more energized and motivated to move/eat healthy. I think that the change in mindset has contributed to this A LOT. I recommend Georgia to anyone looking to change both their mind and body! It truly was an overhaul of the way that I approached health and I think that it is a very different way than most other programs." Hannah


"I would recommend Georgia to anyone who is struggling with their relationship to food, relationship to self, finding balance, understanding how health & wellness are crucial to your overall well being, motivation to make health & wellness a priority." Ellie


"The most significant change was feeling much more grounded in my physical space and mental space." Courtney


"Her program helped me to cultivate a dynamic mindset towards my goals, efforts and struggles. She was not only an amazing cheerleader and the perfect sounding board, but she provided me with concrete tools and action steps to implement change in my own time.” Katie


Topics Covered

This bootcamp consists of TWO live group coaching sessions & THREE recorded sessions to complete on your own time.

Each session is an opportunity to discuss concepts in depth & complete activities to apply the topics to your own life. Here we will cover:

  • Session 1 (LIVE): How to Hack Your Mindset
  • Session 2: Holistic Health & Goal Setting
  • Session 3: Primary Food: Non-Nutrition-Based Sources of Nourishment
  • Session 4: Secondary Food: Put Good In, Get Good Out
  • Session 5 (LIVE): Strengthening the Foundation for Longterm Success.


You'll Also Receive:

  • Daily check-ins & journal prompts for deeper reflection & growth.
  • Downloadable worksheets & exercises to help you move from learning to action.
  • Access to a discounted, personalized one-on-one health coaching intensive session.
  • An incredible community of strong, ambitious women evolving alongside you!

Bootcamp Schedule 

Monday, June 20th
Live Group Coaching Session 1
6-7 pm CST

Tuesday, June 21st
Recorded Session 2

Wednesday, June 22nd
Recorded Session 3

Thursday, June 23rd
Recorded Session 4

Monday, June 27th
Live Group Coaching Session 5
6-7 pm CST

1 hour total
- Take the concepts we discuss & apply them using the workbook you'll be provided

Total Time Commitment
6-8 hours


If you have any additional questions on the bootcamp, please feel free to contact me - happy to chat!