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Ready to bring out the goodness in you?

As a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I have a genuine passion for helping others cultivate their best, healthiest lives. Navigating the noise of the wellness world and a busy life in order to tap into your highest self is not easy work – I know this well from my own experience.
Allow me to serve as your advocate and guide to help you take control of your health and happiness. My coaching provides the skills and practices necessary to become the most balanced, intentional you possible.
I can’t wait to begin working with you to discover your truth, step into your power and tap into the goodness that’s waiting to be shared with the world!

My Program Focuses Include:

  • Maintaining realistic, long-lasting healthy habits
  • Kickstarting routines that work for YOU and your life
  • Anxiety & stress management
  • Anti-inflammatory diet & lifestyle
  • Alternative, holistic healing methods such as Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Cultivating a balanced, fulfilled life in mind, body & spirit 
Yet, my program is NOT for you if ...
✗ You are not 18 or older
✗ You are looking for a quick-fix weight loss or diet plan
✗ You have an active eating disorder
✗ Your MAIN health concern is disordered eating or exercise behaviors
✗ You aren’t willing to critically reflect on your habits
✗ You aren’t committed to putting in the time required for change

*NOTE - I currently have limited spaces for new clients. If you're interested in booking a consultation, shoot me note below.

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1-on-1 Coaching

My one-on-one health coaching program includes:
  • 3-months of continuous, deep work with one another
  • Bi-weekly live sessions
  • Personalized diet & lifestyle recommendations
  • Weekly action steps to establish new habits & build on your progress
  • Consistent accountability to help you achieve your goals

*I currently have limited spaces for new clients. If you're interested in booking a consultation, shoot me note below.

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Health Coaching Intensives

A 75-minute Health Coaching Intensive session includes:
  • A deep dive into the areas of your wellness needing attention
  • Goal & intention-setting activities
  • Tools, tips & resources to get you started
  • The opportunity to ask questions & gain guidance
  • A great kickstart to help you launch new routines & habits
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Client Success Stories

Georgia knows what she’s talking about.

"She is rooted in truth, science, and industry learning rather than influencer health fads. Georgia’s check ins reminded me to stay the course throughout the program, her coaching sessions had a therapeutic element that helped me discover, work through, and establish new practices around my goals. Her expertise and encouragement was a safe place to really unravel some deep-seated health gremlins. I feel so much more confident and loving with my own body image. I now know the difference between primary and secondary foods – I lean into primary foods (non-food) as a deeply important aspect of health rather than only consider secondary foods (food/movement) health. I cannot emphasize enough how renewed I am, thanks to Georgia."

-Brooke A.

Georgia really changed the way I think about myself and the ways that I treat my body.

"I used to think that “being skinny” was the only way that healthy could look, but I now know that is simply not the case and have internalized and truly believed that. However, I think that I have made sustainable changes in my everyday practice that have really helped me to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. These changes have been small such as daily journaling, meal prep, etc. but they have made a huge impact on the way I feel. Georgia really truly cares about figuring out what is going to work best for ME. Her advice felt really personalized and targeted, which I sincerely appreciate. I think she is extremely knowledgeable about health but is realistic in the way that she approaches a healthy lifestyle. Her expectations are normal and flexible, so her program felt really do-able."

- Hannah D.

I truly have noticed a shift in all different aspects of my life and am more aware of what is needed to be the best possible me.

"I reach for healthier snacks throughout the day, more whole foods, and am more conscientious about cooking during the week! I’m focusing more on myself and putting myself first. The importance of me time and taking myself out on little self-care dates and my day/night routines! I feel more aware of what is needed each day to make myself feel like the best possible version of myself. Obviously, there are days where things can’t always be positive, but I have more of a routine now that helps steer my intentions in the right direction. I also have been focusing on ridding toxicity in my life – starting by quitting my job and working towards finding a better opportunity.I felt very comfortable with Georgia and knew that she always had my best interest at heart. She is such a lovely and down to earth person."

- Emily W

Georgia’s program helped me to cultivate a dynamic mindset towards my goals, efforts and struggles.

"She was not only an amazing cheerleader and the perfect sounding board, but she provided me with concrete tools and action steps to implement change in my own time. Many of the aspects of my life which I identified as my “problem points” at the start of working with G have now become second nature pieces of my current day to day and for that I am SO grateful. I attribute the lasting nature of the changes she helped to incite in my life to the 6 month timeframe option she offers. During our 6 months of working together I went through highs and lows, but am excited to have come out on the other side with more tools in my toolkit to fall back on. The length and structure of G’s program combined with her enthusiasm makes the change tangible in an approachable structure. The changes she will help you make seem small until you step back and see how far you have come. In 6 months I never questioned if your program was something “worth my paying for” it was so awesome every step of the way and I felt empowered to be investing in myself. Thank you for everything! "

- Katie K.







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