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Kansas City when I was growing up wasn’t exactly a healthy-nut mecca. But over the years, my hometown has begun to change into a unique place with truly so much to offer. Now, I look forward to the interesting boutiques and hidden, wellness-minded gems that KC has to offer. I make it a point to return to my favorites and discover more of the best healthy secrets and hotspots in town whenever I’m here visiting family and taking a much needed break from school.

From eating to shopping and sweating, below are must-visit KC stops for the health junkie and shopaholic in us all.

Unbakery & Juicery

Not only is this the most aesthetically pleasing hangout, but their menu of superfood mylks, lattes and juices will nourish you from the inside-out. Plus their raw, vegan desserts are truly the best in town. I think I could live on their Chai Bar and Vegan Snickers alone. Grab one of their many colorful salads, pick up a few take-home wellness items and bang out a little work in their beautifully lit lounge area. You’ll actually never want to leave.

Billie’s Grocery

When Robin, the owner of Unbakery, told me a while back that she was working on a full-service restaurant concept, I immediately knew I’d be making a trip back to KC when it officially opened its doors.

And Billie’s Grocery absolutely did NOT disappoint. Not only is the space beyond dreamy, but the menu of fresh, delicious bowls, drool-worthy sandwiches and superfood-packed lattés will also make anyone (even healthy eating skeptics) want to return the next day. Plus, don’t forget to stock up on their insane vegan and gluten free desserts (same as those available at Unbakery but a wider selection).


I truly commend TLoft for bringing fresh-pressed juices into my life. Their cool and minimalistic locations around Kansas City have extensive menus filled with nutrient-packed drinks, salads and bowls perfect for both a quick pick-me-up or a satisfying, filling meal. Plus, their seedy and nut butter-filled protein balls truly make appearances in my dreams on the reg.

The Mixx

Whenever I’m home in Kansas City, I seem to find myself lunching at The Mixx an almost embarrassing amount. The menu has something for everyone with fresh, delicious salads, tacos, sandwiches and the best dang sweet potato fries. I love to make my own salad or quinoa bowl pack with all the toppings, and of course, followed up with one of their mouthwatering gluten-free desserts.

Cafe Gratitude

If you’re looking for vegan eats with an interesting menu and earthy-vibes, this is your place. Each item has an inspiring name that will make you feel nourished, uplifted and rejuvenated. And with everything from bowls to pasta dishes and tacos, you won’t miss the meat or dairy in the slightest. Plus, their healthy, vegan desserts are next level delicious.


This relatively new addition to the Village is the lovely sister to The Mixx with it’s own spin on the classic Italian caffetteria. The menu boasts flavorful salads, bowls, pizzas and sandwiches with vegan, vegetarian, gluten- and dairy-free options to fit every diet. Grab a delicious and satisfying meal while enjoying the light and feminine atmosphere. Plus, they have the cutest little shopping area, which of course I’m a huge sucker for!


I have to hand it to Unforked, as they were the first restaurant to make me LOVE kale. And considering my current love affair with this hearty veggie, this is kinda a big deal. Their “Hail the Kale” salad is beyond unreal, not to mention the inventive tacos and burgers as well. The menu utilizes fresh, local and organic ingredients that support healthy bodies and communities. And personally, I can’t NOT wash down my kale with one of their signature frozen custard concretes, because balance is key 


When I heard that Enjoy was doing a major expansion this winter, I couldn’t be more excited. Their three principles are “clean, pure, natural,” and this shows through their fresh and tasty juices and meals. Everything is responsibly grown and intended to nourish the mind and body, which is an added bonus to just how dang good it all is. And now, they have an expanded bar area, new menu items and more seating to further serve the health-conscious community!

Monarch Coffee

This downtown coffee shop has already gained quite the reputation in town as the new, hot place to grab a cup of joe. So of course I had to see what the hype’s all about, and Monarch did NOT disappoint. Walking in, you’re immediately transported into a chic European bistro where the lattes are art in themselves. Their specialty coffees are filled with interesting, unexpected ingredients similar to craft cocktails. I’m dying to return and try each and every one!

Hand & Land

This very Austin-esque shop recently made the transition from their previous Leawood location to a new home in the renovated Luzier Cosmetics building in Midtown, and I can’t get enough of their dreamy space. They have a fun array of interesting wellness goodies, skincare products, crystals and more, and now they even offer a full spa with an array of spa services and energetic healing therapies for the body, mind and soul.


While I used to make a trip down to the Crossroads to check for the previously named Within Apothecary inside FineFolk, I was excited to check out their new independent location in Prairie Village. This hidden gem holds the best array of organic beauty products and wellness brands that truly makes me giddy whenever I visit. The lovely Gina will help you understand which products are best for your lifestyle, and I always walk out with several new goodies to implement into my routine.


This relatively addition to the Crossroads District is another place I can’t wait to peek into while in town. The beautiful shop is full of architectural pieces and natural products meant to empower women to explore their true beauty. The brands they carry are carefully chosen, and their own studio design team is hard at work behind the scenes.

Dear Society

Fun fact about me: I’ve always had a love for vintage. So when my mom mentioned the opening of this adorable new store that carries both new and vintage pieces, I was immediately curious. The clothes are chic, retro and very Austin-esque, so I felt right at home. You’re sure to walk out with a one-of-a-kind treasure that you won’t find just anywhere.

Sage Center

My mom heard about this extraordinary find in downtown KC years ago and has been dying to take me by since. During my most recent trip home, we were able to check out this beautiful sanctuary and all that is has to offer. Take one of their vinyasa, yin or restorative yoga classes or peep into the apothecary that carries the most interesting array of teas, skincare products, herbs, books and more.

Next time I’ll be sure get an appointment with the renowned Ayurvedic practitioner Sarah Kucera and enjoy one of their Ayurvedic-inspired treatments. And for anyone looking for holistic practices to make you feel your best, Kucera’s book, The Ayurvedic Self Care Handbook is a must read. I haven’t put it down!

Sunlight Day Spa

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of infrared saunas (my full report on the newest way to get hot and healthy here). So when my parents began raving about Sunlighten Day Spa in KC, I had to check it out. These individual infrared sauna booths allow you to lounge, relax and soak in all the goodness. Their particular saunas emit near, mid and far infrared rays which allow you to reap the absolute maximum benefits possible. I left sweaty, revived and ready to return!


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