10 "Free" Health Hacks That Money Can't Buy

lifestyle wellness Aug 16, 2023

I get it - with so many gadgets and trends out there these days, "wellness" has become a bit overwhelming. Don't get me wrong, I love trying out new hacks that might take things to the next level, but it's the BASICS that make all the difference.

I'm always preaching this idea to both my clients and community as these "free" aspects of health are the foundation necessary to feel our best and live a healthy, happy life.

They might seem simple and obvious, but I can promise you that honing in on what's truly important will provide the most effective and lasting results for your health in the long run.

Keep scrolling for where to get started today (without spending a dime)...

  1. Walk - Incorporating more, regular walks into your routine simply does wonders for both physical and mental health. It's truly one of the most effective ways to improve your health and it costs nothing to take a stroll around your neighborhood. Use it as an opportunity to unplug completely, or try "habit stacking" by listening to a podcast, calling a loved one, or bringing your partner for a little quality time.

  2. Practice mindfulness - I truly believe that this is SUCH an important aspect to both health and overall happiness. I encourage you to check out my Hacks to Feel More Mindful Right Now blog post for simple, effective ways to tap into a more mindful perspective now without having to buy any fancy tools. Plus, my Is Mindfulness the Key to Mental Health? post will help you really understand the positive impacts these practices can bring about.
  3. Get direct sunlight - The list of health benefits from direct sunlight (absorbed in moderation, ideally first thing in the morning) are numerous. It's essential for circadian rhythm and hormone regulation, improved sleep quality, vitamin D production, and more. Try going for a walk or sipping your morning coffee and meditating on your balcony for at least 10-15 minutes!
  4. Connect with loved ones - Social connections are such an underrated aspect of wellness in my opinion. And it's true - according to the CDC, when people are socially connected and have stable and supportive relationships, they are more likely to make healthy choices and to have better mental and physical health outcomes. They are also better able to cope with hard times, stress, anxiety, and depression. It costs nothing to pick up the phone and call a loved one or plan a walk date with a new friend!
  5. Make sleep a top priority - This might seem obvious, but I find sleep is one area many of my clients struggle to prioritize the most! I have TONS of amazing info packed into my Sleep Better, Live Better Workshop to help you establish better routines and feel rested and rejuvenated.
  6. Incorporate breathwork - In case you haven't realized it yet - your breath is one of the most powerful tools you can tap into for your mental, physical, and emotional health. While there are many breathwork techniques out there to explore, I personally love and rely on 3-4-5 breathing when I'm feeling stressed. Get started here, and let me know what you think!
  7. Get outside - Nature is healing in immeasurable ways. I've always been someone who has found getting outside incredibly grounding and healing, so it's no surprise that there's mounting evidence that nature has benefits for both physical and psychological human well­being. The best part? It "costs" nothing in order to reap the benefits!
  8. Limit screen time - I know this one isn't a fan favorite, but I can't harp enough on how necessary managing technology use is for our health in all aspects. If you haven't yet adopted the Phone-Free 30 habit I love so dearly, now it your sign to incorporate this into your routine. The improvements in your mental health, anxiety, productivity, and mindfulness will speak for themselves.
  9. Hydrate - Okay, yes, perhaps you will need to purchase a water bottle for this one, but odds are you already have several cluttering up your cabinet! Especially this time of year when we're all battling the heat, it's so important to make sure we're replenishing properly. Bonus points for adding in some electrolytes as well.
  10. Stretch - Last, but not least, don't forget to stretch! This is something I admit I'm not greeeat at remembering to do, but adding a bit of stretching into your routine can improve mobility, flexibility, athletic performance, increase circulation, and so much more. Plus, I find it's a wonderful way to connect with my body and my breath, get grounded, and reduce stress. 

Okay! I hope you're feeling inspired to lean into these basic, foundational aspects of wellness that provide numerous benefits for your health and your wallet.

Any specific habit you'd like me to discuss in more detail? Don't hesitate to respond to this email or shoot me a message on Instagram!

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