5 Mindset Shifts That Will Change Your Life

lifestyle wellness Jun 03, 2022

And here's how I know!

For years I struggled with my relationship with food & exercise, had a far from balanced approach to wellness & believed controlling these elements would be the key to managing the anxieties & unknowns of life. And boy, was I wrong.

It wasn't until I really learned about a more holistic approach towards  wellness that I began to see how full & incredible life could be. I began using the obstacles in my life as opportunities for growth, practicing balance without restrictions & ultimately transformed my mindset by challenging the way I approached what "healthy" really means. I now have the honor of sharing these methods with my one-on-one clients & YOU as a part of the Goodness With G community!

1. Your fears & limiting beliefs are tools that can help you evolve.

Identifying & understanding what holds you back is an essential first step in any healing journey. If you're not sure where to begin, I have you covered!

In the Mindset Reset Bootcamp, we'll dive deeply into the 4 common types of fear that hinder success as well as eradicate the blockers that have held you back from achieving your goals thus far.


2. Unfulfilled? Consider how your core values & your actions need to be realigned.

Feel like you just can't get out of your own way? Listen up. The most transformative work I see with my one-on-one clients comes from gaining clarity on their core values & critically understanding how their everyday actions are likely not in-line with these deep-seated values.

It's this alignment that is KEY to a grounded, fulfilled life (& I have some very helpful tools & exercises you'll receive in the bootcamp to take you step-by-step through this journey).


3. One must consider ALL elements of health in order to feel truly "well".

This right here changed everything about wellness for me. Coming from someone who deeply believed physical health was the only component I needed to "master" in order to be happy, this is now at the CORE of my own approach towards health & the methodology I use with clients.

I'll help you begin to open your mind to a more holistic approach that's proven to change your perspective & life overall by teaching you to effectively goal set in ALL areas of your health (career, relationships, spirituality, joy, home environment, etc).


4. When it comes to diet, your intention & approach are just as important as nutrition.

Similar to how important it is to open your mind to a more whole-person perspective towards health, it's also vital to rethink your approach to diet & nutrition.

In the Mindset Reset, we'll spend an entire session discussing & dissecting the role of mindset in food decisions that can often manifest in cravings, an all-or-nothing mindset, yo-yo dieting & an all-around challenging relationship with food & our bodies. You'll leave understanding what it takes to be at ease with food & feel fulfilled in all aspects.


5. Small, incremental changes are what bring about real transformation in the long-run.

For my fellow impatient friends out there, I understand that a quick fix might seem more enticing. Yet I know from my own experience as well as from those of ALL of my clients that small tweaks to one's habits & routines are what truly create longterm, sustainable change.

Learning what small (but impactful) adjustments to make to your routine, health & life is exactly what the Mindset Reset is here for. You will leave with a personalized blueprint for exactly how to achieve the goals that you set for yourself.


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