5 Travel Bag Essentials for a Stellar Vacation

beauty lifestyle travel wellness Mar 06, 2022

Wherever the wind might blow you, my hope is that you’re heading somewhere relaxing and fun. I personally live for any opportunity to hit the beach and soak in a little sun. And since Spring Break is upon us (and summer is right around the corner) believe it or not, I’m sharing a few essentials that I always travel with to stay happy and healthy.

Plus, for a SUPER deep dive into all things travel (and how to feel your absolute BEST on vacation), be sure to read G’s Ultimate Travel Guide blog post as well. This really has all of the tips and tools you’ll need for any upcoming trips!

Let me know if you put any of these in your own travel bag, and leave me a comment below with any other travel, lifestyle or wellness tips you’d like to see soon  .

Beach Bag

An essential place to begin, right? I love a beach/pool bag that doubles as a carry-on for the flight. These adorable bags from Colores Collective are my personal favorite, & they come in a variety of options & sizes. Check out their site with tons of adorable choices & the option to customize your own.

Books / Kindle

Whether you’re a fan of a tech option or prefer the real deal, I think we can agree that we could all be reading more. I LOVE to read, & getting through a good book or two on vacation is something I really look forward to. Sharing a few of my latest reads below of you’re looking for a rec:

Sun Savers

I won’t lie, I loooove the sun & embrace soaking in some vitamin D whenever I can. But I also understand there are consequences of too much sun exposure. Below are several products I love & recommend for those whoenjoy the sun as much as I do:

Hydration Helpers

Travel itself is incredibly dehydrating (especially when you’re on a long flight), so making sure you’re replenishing as much as possible. Plus, if you’re traveling somewhere tropical, you’re likely sweating more than usual. Those pool-side cocktails don’t help either (though fun!). Really amp up your water intake & add lemon or cucumber to make it more interesting. Throw a few Liquid IV packets in your bag when you really need to hydrate quickly. Use code GOODNESSWITHG for 25% off & free shipping!


I firmly believe vacations & travel should be embraced & enjoyed, so do NOT worry too much about being “perfect” when it comes to diet & routine. I do try to keep my supplement regime somewhat consistent, though, as I find it helps protect my body from getting too worn down, sick or inflamed. A few supplements for travel that have saved me:

Hope you enjoy your travels and use these tips to your advantage!

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