5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Routine

lifestyle wellness Apr 22, 2022

I always love the beginning of a new season as a reminder to let go of what's no longer serving us & recommit to what makes us feel our absolute BEST.

Ready to welcome in this season of growth? Start with these simple little ways to spring clean your routine! 

Eat Seasonally

Regardless of the season, filling your plate with a variety of in-season produce is one of the simplest days to improve your diet.

Seasonal fruits & veggies are actually more more nutritious, more flavorful, less expensive & better for the environment & your local community.

You can get all of the info in my Grocery Store Hack That’ll Make You Healthier All Year Long blog post!

This spring, be on the lookout for asparagus, strawberries, leeks, arugula, peas, radishes, artichokes, carrots, fennel, rhubarb & more!

Get Outside & Move

This seems simple, but getting out of our homes (& away from technology) is always one of my top recommendations to instantly feel better.

Especially as the weather improves this season, take advantage by getting outside as much as possible. 

Enjoy your morning coffee on your deck/patio, opt for more outdoor workouts & embrace the longer days with an after-work walk.

Your mood & energy levels will thank you!

Soak in Some Vitamin D

I personally believe that sun exposure gets a bad rep. YES, you absolutely need to be vigilant about wearing sunscreen when you're out in the sun for long periods of time (especially if you're sensitive or high risk for skin cancer).

Yet most of us aren't getting the amount of healthy, natural vitamin D we need to thrive.

Vitamin D is essential for hormone regulation, bone health, immune function, energy, mood regulation & many other bodily functions.

I recommend getting at least 10-15 minutes of direct sunlight, ideally in the morning. You'll FEEL the difference!

Reset Your Sleep

I don't know about y'all, but it took me a full week to adjust to the time change. Anyone else?!

While having an extra hour of sunlight in the evenings is SUCH a blessing, it can definitely take a little getting used to.

A few helpful hacks – avoid technology for at least 30-60 minutes before bed (use this time for your nightly wind-down routine), limit caffeine after 11 AM & head to bed & rise at the same time each day.

If you're in need of a sleep deep dive, check out my Sleep Wellness Workshop on the topic to really get you goin'!

Refresh Your Space

Don't forget spring cleaning in the traditional sense! There's no better feeling than taking time to really deep clean your space.

Since environmental health (in this case referring to your physical space) is one of the 8 elements of holistic wellness, now's the time to really give it the attention it deserves. FYI – you can dive more into this topic in my Holistic Health Workshop! 

I encourage you to really go through & edit your closet, clean up your beauty products, go through cluttered drawers & anything else that's feeling stagnant from winter.

Feeling a bit more ready to take on spring? Let's do this!

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