7 Ways to Boost Your Energy, Naturally

lifestyle wellness Mar 09, 2022

As a health coach, one of the most common complaints I hear from clients is fatigue. This time of year it can be especially difficult to find motivation & energy to perform at our best (trust me, I get it).

Luckily, there are simple, daily habits proven to put some pep back into your step. Check out my top tips to feel more vibrant & perky every day!

Eat for Energy

When we’re tired, we often crave foods that will give us a quick boost (think simple carbohydrates like baked goods, candy, fruit juices, etc.).

Instead, avoid the crash these foods inevitably bring & opt for foods with a lower glycemic index (meaning they’re digested more slowly = more long-lasting energy). More more information about how glycemic load impacts health, read more here!

This includes complex carbohydrates like starchy veggies, nuts, olive oil, oats and legumes.

Lighten Your Load

Lack of energy is often caused by fatigue – not just physical but mental and emotional as well. When you’ve said “yes” to too many people, projects or responsibilities, it can leave you feeling run down and exhausted in all ways.

Instead of continuing to stretch yourself thin, this is your sign to flex your “no” muscle. And don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed. You’ll be amazed by how energized a freer schedule makes you feel!

Need a hand? More info here!

Get Moving

It might seem counter-intuitive (as the last thing we want to do when we’re tired is hit the gym), but exercising actually increases your body’s energy supply on a cellular level.

Plus, moving your body can lead to higher brain dopamine levels, which helps elevate mood! Need some inspiration? I have you covered with plenty of Yoga Sculpt classes saved to my Instagram, YouTube and class library on the blog.

Stick It to Stress

When our bodies are in a state of stress (sympathetic nervous system is firing aka “fight or flight’ response), it requires an immense amount of energy. Plus, stress can lead to major disturbances in sleep, which we’ll dive into below.

Daily stress management techniques and outlets (exercise, therapy, meditation, talking with loved ones, etc.) are incredibly important! I share tons more information and tools to begin implementing in my Stick It To Stress Workshop.

Hack Your Sleep

We all KNOW that sleep is essential, but we don’t always honor a “hygienic” sleep cycle. It’s seems obvious, but quality sleep is truly one of the most important and simplest ways to feel more energetic (and just better in every way).

Check out my Sleep Better Live Better Workshop to dive DEEPLY into all you need to know about your best night’s sleep ever!

Amp Up the Liquids

When your body is lacking fluids, one of the first symptoms is fatigue.

It’s such a simple reminder, but hydrating is one of the easiest ways to feel more energetic. Have a hard time getting enough in?

Buy a new water bottle, amp it up with flavor like sliced cucumber, berries or citrus and set yourself a daily reminder on your phone.

This is a water bottle I love and recommend often!

Use Caffeine Mindfully

When we’re tired, often the first thing we reach for is (another) cup of coffee, right? Listen, I’m by no means anti-caffeine, but it does need to be utilized with intention!

Be sure to check out my How I Kicked My Caffeine Habit (And Can Still Enjoy Coffee) blog post for TONS of tips to create a more mindful relationship with your favorite drinks.

I hope you begin to implement these simple but incredibly effective habits into your own life to begin feeling more energized!

Shoot me a comment below or message on Instagram – I’d love to hear your thoughts  .

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