How to Get Out of a Funk, ASAP

lifestyle wellness Mar 12, 2023

Not feeling like yourself? Let's get back on track...

At some point, we all go through phases of feeling a little "off" - trust me, you're not alone. It can just be a bad day, week, or even month(s) where your energy feels a little ~ funky ~.

First, know that this is completely normal. Being human means we're constantly evolving, and it would be ridiculous to believe that we're going to feel happy, content, and at peace all of the time.

Instead of seeing this funk as some sort of personal failure or the Universe working against you, let me help you reframe and learn how to get the ball rolling in the right direction!

Allow yourself to be IN it

This might sound both counterintuitive and counterproductive, but when we fight against our feelings, it's never a recipe for success. We're taught to continuously push through exhaustion and shove down negative emotions, which only leads to true burnout and greater unhappiness.

Right now I'm giving you permission to EMBRACE whatever you're feeling. This is the first step towards understanding how to better take care of yourself and how to move forward in the most mindful way possible.

Side note - if you think you're experiencing burnout, I highly recommend checking out my Beating Burnout Workshop with tons of tips and strategies to consider.

Use this funk to your advantage

I've worked several times with an incredible Source Point energetic healer named Kelly Battiston who has helped me work through my own "funks" over the years. She reminds me that the most powerful breakthroughs are ALWAYS preceded by a period of challenge.

I like to see it like an energetic growth spurt. Just like you experienced physical pain and discomfort as you were growing as a child, your mind and soul experience the same in order to grow and evolve.

Therefore, instead of viewing this funk as a negative failure in some way, let's see is as an exciting challenge that will bring about wonderful changes in our lives and within ourselves.

Reallocate your energy

In order for this wonderful growth to occur, you can't just sit back and wait for it to hit you in the face. You're going to have to work for it a bit, I hate to tell you. But this is the good stuff, people!

Oftentimes we feel "off" when what we're giving our time, attention, and resources to simply isn't aligned with our values. I talk about this in MUCH more depth in my Is THIS Holding You Back From Optimal Health? blog post, so I highly recommend giving that a read as well.

This might require you to say NO to people and activities that don't align with who you want to be and the life you want to live. Take some time to be introspective and assess who and what might be draining your energy.

Double down on healthy habits

It's always the simple, foundational things that make the most impact.

When we're not feeling 100%, it's easy to put our healthy routines on the back burner in lieu of instant gratification actions like scrolling on social media, snoozing our alarm, or pouring a glass of wine after work.

Now more than ever, though, it's important to commit to the habits we know will make us feel our best longterm. These can include:

  • Solid sleep
  • Whole, nutritious food
  • Limiting alcohol
  • Daily movement
  • Stress management habits
  • Getting outside
  • Cleaning and decluttering our space
  • Natural vitamin D
  • Limiting social media and technology consumption

Connect with yourself, others, and your environment

Just as important as it is to go inward during this time, we have to connect outside of ourselves as well.

Personally, I encourage you to take more alone time when needed and work through thoughts and emotions by journaling.

Likewise, social/community support is one of the most important factors in our ability to live a healthy, long life. Therefore, make it a priority to reach out to loved ones, make plans with friends, attend events that interest you - anything that makes you feel connected to those who support and lift you up.

Lastly, connection to something greater than ourselves - whether it's nature, God, the Universe, etc. - is so important, especially when we're feeling disconnected. Commit to daily actions like getting out in nature or reading a daily devotional - whatever speaks to you.

With all of these tips in mind, you're ready to do the work that's necessary to get into a better headspace. I'm always here to support and cheer you on along the way - never hesitate to reach out!

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