Are You Sabotaging Your Own Wellness?

lifestyle wellness Apr 29, 2023

I see this all the time with new clients - they feel that they're doing a lot of the "right" things like eating their veggies and working out, but they're not seeing the results they want.

While everyone is different, of course, I frequently find these women fall into similar traps, often of their own making.

It really starts with being a bit more self aware of the habits that hold us back before beginning to take more intentional action.

Are you making these mistakes?

Some common situations that hold you back from growth and success in your wellness journeys include:

  1. Not scheduling time in your calendar for movement daily.
  2. Failing to plan out meals for the week, causing you to order-in or grab what's most convenient.
  3. Saying "yes” to alcohol more often than you say “no”.
  4. Grocery shopping ill-prepared, without a list or recipes picked out.
  5. Staying up too late scrolling and staring at screens.
  6. Overcommitting to wellness routines that are too complicated, lengthy, and unrealistic.
  7. Hopping on social media and/or diving into your email upon waking.
  8. Taking on far too many projects and obligations.
  9. Failing to take proper rest days.
  10. Not asking for help when you need it and trying to navigate it all on your own.

Instead, take charge!

In many ways, you are the master of your own destiny. The sooner you clue into the small, daily ways you're able to set yourself up for success, the sooner you'll truly begin to see progress in your health journey.

These can include:

  • Blocking off time on your calendar for movement, even if it's just a 10 minute walk.
  • Plan out your workouts for the week on Sunday.
  • Prepare a grocery list and recipes to make before grocery shopping.
  • Putting your phone away at least 30 minutes before bed and winding down properly.
  • Staying off of your phone for the first 30-60 minutes of your morning.
  • Prepping your breakfast and lunch to bring to work/school with you.
  • Having an accountability buddy who motivates you and keeps you on track.
  • ...I could go on and on!

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