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I’ve talked before about my transition away from overly processed protein bars in lieu of whole, real food-based snacks. And while this change has been beneficial in many ways, as you can read about in my Chai Spiced Apricot Oat Bars post, there are many protein bars out there that leave out the junk I aim to avoid. One type in particular that I always have on hand? Perfect Bars, of course!

Not only do they taste incredible and have an almost cookie dough-like texture, but Perfect Bars are also organic, gluten-free, non-GMO and filled with superfoods and whole food-based protein. There’s obviously a reason they’re beloved in the health and wellness community! So needless to say, when you’re on-the-go and a quick snack is necessary, Perfect Bars are an incredible choice.

Recently, my friend Devon asked me my opinion on these bars, given he’s recently jumped on the bandwagon and typically grabs one for breakfast before work. His only complaint is the cost, as they’re a bit more expensive than he’d prefer–and I agree! While it’s worth the splurge for better, more nutritious ingredients, I know that cooking at home is typically much less expensive.

And thus, my need to create a copycat Perfect Bar recipe was born! Devon’s favorite is the classic peanut butter, so I stuck to this flavor. But I also added a few dark chocolate chips to resemble the Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter version, because why not? As always, feel free to omit if you prefer.

Not only do these bars taste, well…perfect…but they’re also crazy easy to whip up. Only a few simple ingredients are needed including creamy peanut butter, coconut flour, almond flour and vanilla protein powder (if you choose). While I love the additional protein to power me through my day, these bars are delicious and satisfying regardless.

All you’ll need to do is add your ingredients to a bowl and mix until well combined. Then sprinkle with chocolate chips (if using) and spread the mixture into a rectangular Pyrex or similar baking dish. Once they’ve firmed up in the fridge, slice into 12 bars.

I recommend wrapping each individually in parchment paper to make them easier to grab while you’re running out the door. Likewise, similar to the real deal, these copycat Perfect Bars will begin to soften at room temperature. To keep them firm and fresh, make sure to store in the refrigerator.

Not only does this homemade version have the same peanut butter-y taste and doughy texture as the bars we all know and love, but they also require many fewer ingredients. While those used in Perfect Bars are great, I’m all for simplifying in every way.

Plus, like most home cooking, making your own versions of products you love also helps out your wallet. As the coconut flour, almond flour and even peanut butter can be purchased in bulk, you’ll end up saving a considerable amount in the end. This recipe makes 12 bars and ends up costing much less that you’d pay for the OG (which are $24 for a box of 8 online, and often even more when marked up at the grocery store).

While I’ll continue to enjoy and love Perfect Bars, this DIY version is a tasty and nourishing alternative that not only fuels your body but also relieves your grocery bill. Sounds pretty dang perfect to me  .


 YIELDS12 Servings
  •  1 cup natural, creamy peanut butter
  •   cup coconut flour
  •   cup almond flour
  •  ¼ cup vanilla protein powder (optional)
  •  ¼ cup honey
  •  ¼ cup nut milk of choice (I used almond milk; omit if not using protein powder)
  •  1 tsp vanilla extract
  •  pinch of salt (omit if using salted peanut butter)
  •  dairy-free chocolate chips (I used Lily's Stevia-Sweetened Semi-Sweet Baking Chips)


In a large bowl, add all of your ingredients besides the chocolate chips. Mix until well combined.
Line a 9x7 (or similar) baking dish with plastic wrap. Press the dough firmly into the rectangle shape of the dish, making an even layer.

*Note* If you use a smaller baking dish, just make sure to cut into fewer bars.

Top with chocolate chips (if using).
Allow to sit in the freezer for about 30 minutes before cutting into 12 bars.
Store in the fridge, as they will soften at room temperature.


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