Crystals Crash Course: Healing Stones to Elevate Your Winter

lifestyle wellness Jan 27, 2020

With the darker, shorter days that winter brings, we need to support and protect ourselves from the cold weather blues in every way possible. While this time of year is the perfect opportunity for introspection and rest, it can likewise be draining and difficult in many ways as well.

Whether or not you’re familiar with the healing power of crystals, these unique and formidable stones might just be the key to uplifting your spirit and maintaining a hopeful, aligned outlook all year long.

The restorative crystals below are tonics to elevate your winter and replenish your spirit:


Often called the “jewel of wisdom,” this crystal provides psychic insights and shines light into one’s subconscious. It’s ideal for those seeking refuge from negative thoughts, guidance for making decisions or support in emotional healing. Azurite embraces this season of introspection and helps reduce stress, worry, grief and sadness.


Not only will you be in awe of this stone’s magical purple color, but Amethyst has also been revered for ages thanks to its ability to soothe the mind and emotions. It’s believed to create a “shield of Light” around the body to protect against dark energy, stress and unhealthy environments.


Celestite is a highly spiritual stone that promotes listening, openness and honesty while cleansing one’s Aura in order to bring about our highest vibration. Simply touching the stone lifts one’s mood and purifies the heart. This crystal encourages mental clarity and brings about a sense of openness to new experiences in store.


Negative energy weighing you down? This stone’s positive and energizing qualities absorb and dissolve such feelings while reducing anxiety, depression, fear and destructive tendencies. Plus, it increases motivation and attracts wealth, prosperity and confidence.


For many, winter is a time for contemplation and change, and luckily Fluorite is there for you during any emotional shift or mental blockage. While it works to promote inner peace and calm overwhelmed minds, it likewise hushes limiting beliefs to remove what no longer serves you.


We all get off balance every now and then, but luckily harmony can be restored with Lepidolite. This stone stabilizes out of control emotions and is helpful for those struggling with anxiety, depression or low energy. By calming the mind and promoting inner peace, Lepidolite can help bring a heightened sense of awareness.


With the demands of the holidays and life in general this season, physical, mental and emotional burnout aren’t uncommon. To help prevent this, Onxy absorbs any negative energy and allows you to dig into the truth of your real, raw inner self. By connecting with this energy field, you’ll reemerge come springtime with intention and grace.


While there are many quartz varieties, this “Master Healer” not only resembles the ice of winter, but its multipurpose healing properties also help balance your Aura. Quartz contains hypnotic qualities to aid in sleep, while it’s likewise seen to stimulate the immune and circulatory systems, enhance energy and stimulate positive thoughts and feelings.


This stone is particularly effective for purification, as it encourages us to be honest with ourselves and release unwanted attachments. If you’re feeling stuck, Selenite’s light-radiating qualities help clear energetic blockages and align the chakras. By quickly removing stagnant energy, you’re able to enjoy a more peaceful, clear outlook.


As motivation can often plummet along with the temperature, look to Pyrite to keep you feeling full of drive. It’s a crystal of positive energy that relieves frustration and anxiety and encourages confidence along with the ability to come out of one’s shell. Though it’s often referred to as “Fool’s Gold” due to its color, it might just give your finances a boost as well!

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