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It's that time again! It feels like summer was just last week, so I can hardly believe the holidays are right around the corner. These annual guides always get me in the holiday spirit, and I truly enjoy making them for y'all so much!

Gift giving is a love language of mine, and the holidays are a time my family takes very seriously in the best way. Christmas includes a full day of leisurely gift and stocking opening alongside mimosas, biscotti, coffee and a break for brunch. We never rush the process and try to drag out and enjoy the morning as much as possible!

Choosing a gift with intention and consideration is something that means a lot to me, and I hope these guides help inspire you this season.

Keep scrolling for my guides for EIGHT different categories and click into each one for the individual guide!



The Wellness Junkie Gift Guide



1. Arrae Rest + Digest Kit

I'm a huge fan of Arrae's Bloat capsules, so this kit is the perfect duo for the wellness lover in your life who needs to *rest and digest* this season.

2. Hatch Restore Sunrise Alarm

I recommend this all of the time to clients looking to improve their sleep habits, morning and evening routines.

3. Sakara Life The Morning Ritual Collection

Sakara Life meals and products are absolutely amazing and this is the perfect place to start. Your loved one is sure to think of you when they make their morning drink!

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4. Salad Freak: Recipes to Feed a Healthy Obsession 

To be honest, I really just loved the name of this book, haha. It's perfect for the person who can't get enough greens in!

5. Kroma Deluxe 5-Day Reset

My mom is a huge fan of the Kroma products, and this is such a generous way to give the gift of health this season.

6. Branch Basics Premium Starter Kit

This is great for the new homeowner, clean freak and/or non-toxic-product-lover.

7. Do It For Yourself Journal

For the person in your life needing a little support and encouragement! I love a thoughtful gift that provides a loved with something to help them grow in a positive way.

8. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier, Heater & Fan

Air purifiers have myriad benefits on health, and it doesn't get much sleeker than a Dyson, right?

9. Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket

If you know me, you know I'm a huge infrared sauna fan, and this home and travel-friendly version from Higher Dose couldn't be more convenient.

10. Mindfulness Cards: Simple Practices for Everyday Life

Mindfulness is at the core of the work I do with clients, and this deck is a wonderful place to start. Plus, it might spark some meaningful conversation this season!

11. The Moon Juice Manual 

Moon Juice makes incredible products for the wellness junkie, and this book is one I know they'll love to read through and put to use.

12. Ghia Cocktail Box 

This is the perfect gift for the sober-curious friend or family member in your life or someone simply excited to expand their bar cart offerings.



The Jet Setter Gift Guide



1. Slim Aarons: Great Escapes Hardcover Journal

Slim Aarons photos are some of the most iconic of all time, and this book is the perfect way to transport your loved one to a tropical, idyllic vacation.

2. LARQ Self-Cleaning & Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Not only are these super good-looking but they also purify water in 60 seconds, making them perfect for home, traveling, camping and beyond.

3. Ostrichpillow Luxury Travel Pillow

Who said travel neck pillows had to be ugly? If you have a friend with a long plane ride ahead, this is the perfect way to help them travel both in style and comfort.

4. Paravel Cabana Pet Carrier

For those who travel often with their furry friend, this is the most adorable and functional addition to their luggage collection. I wish the cute pup came along with the carrier!

5. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

While I LOVE the feel of a real book, I have to say I'm a Kindle convert when it comes to travel. It's so easy to have all of your books in one place, and the Paperwhite is super sleek and easy to slip into your carry on or purse.

6. Great Escapes Mediterranean

If you had a loved one who took a Mediterranean trip this summer, this is the perfect way for them to reminisce. Plus it makes for a beautiful addition to a coffee table or desk!

7. Yolo Journal Annual Subscription

This annual subscription includes three issues of the gorgeous Yolo Journal to inspire the jet setter in your life.

8. Dagne Dover Hunter Travel Toiletry Bag

I absolutely love the Dagne Dover bags, and this travel toiletry bag is both fashionable and functional.

9. Aspinal of London Luggage Tags, Set of Two

First of all, I just think these look fabulous - am I wrong? These tags come in a variety of colors and are a chic addition to any travel bag.

10. Yogasleep Travelcube Portable White Noise Sleep Sound Machine

There's truly nothing worse than not being able to sleep while traveling right? Throw this white noise sound machine in your bag and worry no more.

11. Sephora Reusable Travel Container Set

This is a practical gift for the person who never wants to check their bag!

12. Apple AirPods Max

I have to say, these are worth the hype. They're comfortable and perfect for canceling noise, sleeping, and working on long flights.



The Beauty Guru Gift Guide



1. 3rd Ritual Aromatherapeutic Body Cream

We're getting into the cold, dry season so giving our skin a little extra TLC is a must! Plus these containers are just super pretty and aesthetic.

2. Nécessaire The Body Ritual Set

Nécessaire products are worth the hype in my opinion, and this set is a gift for beauty lovers they're sure to love and appreciate.

3. NuFace Mini Starter Kit

I've been seeing a ton about the NuFace recently, and I have to say I'm dying to gift one to myself. It's intended to help reduce puffiness and lift and sculpt the face, jaw and neck.

4. Anisa Beauty 3-Piece Skincare Brush Set

New makeup brushes are always a lovely, useful gift and something we don't usually love to spend money on ourselves.

5. Aesop: The Book

This book is just as beautiful as the products Aesop makes. Anyone who loves beauty will be excited to read through it and have this as a decorative piece in their home!

6. Ten Over Ten The Manicure Kit

This is perfect for the home-manicure guru! It has everything they need for a DIY spa day.

7. Leatherology Medium Train Case

I love the Leatherology products for travel, toiletries, etc. and the fact that you can personalize this case with your loved one's initials is even more thoughtful.

8. Dior Addict Lip Makeup Set

Dior lip products are the best of the best, and I can guarantee this set will be loved and appreciated!

9. Riki Loves Riki 5x Lighted Mirror

A lighted makeup mirror truly makes all of the difference, and this version from Riki is great for on-the-go or travel.

10. Tata Harper A Daily Dose of Radiance Set

This is a super lovely gift for the skincare guru in your life. Tata Harper products are top of the line, and this is a great way to try lots of different products all at once.

11. Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler

The Dyson Airwrap is another viral gadget I'm super curious about and considering asking for myself this Christmas. It's intended to provide a blowout-like result without damaging your hair with excess heat.

12. Slip Silk Pillowcase

Slip pillowcases are my favorite and helpful for minimizing bed head and wrinkles. Plus, they're buttery soft and make bedtime feel extra lush!


The Fitness Buff Gift Guide



1. Pursoma Sweat + Rest Bath Salts

A relaxing bath is truly one of life's simple pleasures. These salts are perfect for post-workout recovery with French Grey Sea Salt, mind clearing aromatherapy and stress-relieving magnesium.

2. Michael O'Neill: On Yoga

I just think this book is absolutely gorgeous. It makes the perfect coffee table book for the yogi in your life or someone looking to make their space a bit more zen.

3. MOBOT Foam Roller Water Bottle

How cool is this? It's truly a double whammy and the coolest gift for multi-tasking fitness lovers.

4. FP Movement Hit the Slopes Fleece

When I say that love this jacket, I'm not exaggerating. I have it in three colors and am already eyeing more of the cute options they have online. It's perfect for fall/winter walks and layering.

5. Manduka Yoga Grip Gel

Manduka makes my favorite yoga gear, and I'm super excited to try their yoga grip gel. This is perfect for someone who loves hot yoga - they'll appreciate this useful, thoughtful gift.

6. Therabody Theragun Prime

Sam and I recently hopped on the Theragun bandwagon and absolutely love ours! It feels amazing and is so great for recovery and easing sore or tense muscles.

7. Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA Premium Slim Folding Treadmill

Walking pads/foldable treadmills are all the rage for work-from-homers and I won't life, I want one. It's such a convenient way to get some extra movement in and make the work day work for you.

8. Anja Accupressure Mat and Pillow Set

Accupressure mats feel soooo good and are helpful for relieving tension, stress and discomfort.

9. Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag

My sister gifted one of these bags to me a couple of years ago and I still think it's the chicest, best gym bag of all time.

10. Goop Phys. Ed. Recovery Bath Soak

Goop products are always amazing, and this is a thoughtful way to gift your favorite fitness buff some tranquility this year.

11. Bala Complete Home Gym Kit

Bala products are so sleek, cool and effective, and this kit is a great way to stock a home gym with everything you need to get a killer workout in.

12. Alo Yoga 7/8 High Rise Air Lift Leggings

I've worn tons of leggings over the years, and I still think Alo takes the cake with these. They're comfortable, flattering and supportive in the best ways!



The Home Chef Gift Guide



1. The Beast Blender

You might be seeing these all over social media, and I have to say, they are super Instagram-worthy. This is such a great gift for the smoothie-addict in your life!

2. The New Rules of Cheese

I mean, who doesn't love a book about cheese? I think this is such a cute idea for someone who hosts parties often or loves making cheese boards.

3. Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee & Espresso Machine

A Nespresso is another super cool, useful gift, especially for someone living alone or in an apartment without space for a large coffee maker.

4. Our Place Perfect Pot

The Our Place pots and pans are so good looking and a gift the home chef will truly use daily.

5. Kosterina Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Tasting Set

I always think good olive oil and vinegar are lovely gifts that those who really cook and appreciate nice products will enjoy.

6. Poketo Oven Mitts

I personally love receiving utilitarian (but cool) gifts like this, as you get more use out of them than anything else and get to remember the gifter whenever you whip them out!

7. Phillips Automatic Pasta Maker Plus

If you have a friend or family member who looooves pasta, this is such a fun idea! It might inspire them to whip up a couple of new recipes or have you over for dinner to try it out :)

8. Mike's Hot Honey Variety Pack

Hot honey is so dang good and something I've recently been adding to basically anything and everything that I can these days.

9. Uncommon Goods Handmade Monstera Leaf Spoon Rest

Monstera leaves were a big part of our wedding theme in Cabo last year, so now they have a special place in my heart. This is a cute, cheery gift I personally can't wait to gift this year!

10. Ooni Koda 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven

Homemade pizza is always a good idea but even better when you have the right tools. This could be a super fun gift for the dudes in your life who love fire and cooking gadgets, lol.

11. For the Table: Easy, Adaptable, Crowd-Pleasing Recipes

This is another fun book for those who love to host, cook for guests or are looking for adaptable recipes the whole family will love.

12. Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 Self Watering Indoor Garden 

I have a dream of having my own herb harden one day, but until then I'd settle for this cute little indoor guy. It's so cute and easy to have on the counter!



The Dudes Gift Guide



1. New York Times Custom Football Book

If you have a football fanatic in your life, this is such a cool idea. They'll love reading through it plus it also serves as a cool decorative book for their desk, study or man-cave.

2. Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers - Set of 2

I've put these on my gift guide before and just keep coming back to them because I think they're so dang cute. Perfect for both the golf and whisky lover!

3. Collegiate Pouches

If you need a gift for a college-age boy, I think these are a fun and useful gift!

4. Homemade Limoncello Kit

There's just something about limoncello I feel like everyone loves, right? This is a fun activity and something y'all can then enjoy together!

5. TECCPO Cordless Drill Set

Guys like power tools - I don't make the rules. And who knows, maybe this will inspire them to start some house projects for you?

6. Courant Classics Catch:3 Wireless Charging Station

This is a sleek and useful gift I feel like guys would really enjoy. It comes in several colors and serves as a multi-purpose charging station and catch-all holder.

7. Marshall Emberton II Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sam and I have a Marshall speaker and he is obsessed. They're super cool looking and the sound quality is amazing!

8. Tecova's Ostrich Billfold Wallet

Sam has a Tecova's ostrich wallet that he loves and has used to death over the years, so this might be under the tree for him this year? It's a very good-looking and useful gift any guy would enjoy!

9. Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green with Ball Return

This just seems like something most guys would find fun and end up spending hours playing with either alone or with friends!

10. Fair Harbor The Dunewood Flannel

We know the founders of Fair Harbor and absolutely love their clothes and the mission behind the brand. Everything is made from recycled bottles, and the new fall/winter collection has super comfy fleeces and more that Sam has been living in!

11. New York Times Personalized Golf History Book

Just like the football book, I think this is such a cool and thoughtful gift for anyone in your life who's super into golf!

12. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

I recently purchased a pair of these and can't sing their praises enough. If you have someone in your life who loves gadgets, fitness, music or travels frequently, these would be a fantastic gift.



The Homebody Gift Guide



1. Rookie Wellness Sleep Stick Packs

If you have someone who really needs and loves their sleep, this is a cute gift they're sure to love.

2. OSEA Vagus Nerve Pillow Spray

I love the OSEA products, and this calming pillow mist can help promote a sense of well-being and relaxation before sleep.

3. Sakara Life Superfood Popcorn Trio

Y'all know I love Sakara Life, and this is a fun little snack for the homebody who loves a moving night with a wellness twist.

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4. Eberjey Aloe Cotton Short Sleeve Lounge Set

Eberjey sets are super comfortable, so this lounge set is sure to be a cozy staple in the homebody's wardrobe.

5. This is Home: The Art of Simple Living

I think this could be such a sweet, thoughtful gift for someone who just moved and is getting settled into a new home? Plus, it's gorgeous and fun to flip through!

6. QUAI Chill Pills Bath Bombs

These are perfect for a cozy spa night at home for someone needing a little TLC amongst the craziness of the holidays.

7. Lunya Washable Silk Sleep Mask

Lunya washable silk products are some of my fav, and this sleep mask will be the new go-to of the homebody in your own life.

8. Bearaby Knitted Cotton Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are a game changer, but this knitted cotton version is softer and more comfortable than many you'll find out there.

9. Birdies The Pheobe Classic Smoking Slipper

I think these are so cute, classic and chic. So many house slippers are just ugly (sorry, someone had to say it), but that doesn't have to be the case. Just because you're getting cozy doesn't mean you can't look fab!

10. Nod Pod Weighted Sleep Mask

I feel like this is the best of both worlds? I'm personally interested in trying as this lightly weighted, super soft fleece sleep mask is designed to alleviate stress and anxiety.

11. Moda Operandi Green Marble Box Tray

A nice tray is always a lovely gift for someone's house or apartment, and I think the color of this marble version is super cool.

12. Parachute Waffle Robe

I loooove a waffle robe and use mine almost daly! You can always customize it with a monogram or initials to make it an even more personal, special gift.



Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide



1. Healthier Together Conversation Deck

I'm a huge fan of Liz Moody and think this is such a cute, fun idea for the holidays! No more boring conversation allowed.

2. Dog Face Pillow

I mean who doesn't want their pup commemorated in some home decor? This could be a super cute gift for the dog-obsessed friend or someone who just added a furry member to their family this year!

3. Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag

I don't know why I love this so much, but I do. Fun for the candy-lover who needs to have a jar filled at all times.

4. Monogram Silicone Spatula

I've received a few of these over the years, and they're always my favorite. A fun little addition to anyone's stocking to inspire them to get into the kitchen.

5. Cheers Hydrate Supplement

We're all probably needing some additional hydration this season with cocktails galore. This is a great addition to water to help you replenish and get back to feeling *cheery* in no time.

6. Monday/Friday Sock Set

These are a cute and funny gift for a coworker or White Elephant guaranteed to make someone smile :)

7. Jack Black Ultamint Lip Duo

The Jack Black products are classic, hydrating and smell amazing. I have one of these in my purse at all times, especially in the colder months!

8. Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks

Eye masks are such a treat and something I'll be needing this season with travels, cocktails, etc.

9. Golde Beauty Cocoa Kit

Golde makes delicious wellness drinks and products, and this Beauty Cocoa Kit is a fun stocking stuffer for a health nut and chocolate lover.

10. Hot Buns Pot Holder

Okay, these are just too cute. Another useful, funny gift that will bring a smile to their face every time they see it.

11. Momofuku Tingly Seasoned Salt

I've recently become addicted to the Momofuku seasoning blends. They add tons of flavor and spice to just about anything - chicken, veggies, fish, you name it.

12. Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm Vanilla

If you haven't tried these lip balms yet, this is your sign to throw one in a loved one's stocking and snag one for yourself. It's so great!


I hope these guides help you get started on your shopping and excited for the holiday season!

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