Hacks to Feel More Mindful Right Now

lifestyle wellness Aug 17, 2022

I think I speak for most of us when I say that being less stressed & more present would improve our lives ten-fold.

Yet the idea of "mindfulness" can be confusing & challenging to adopt - I completely understand. As a Holistic Health Coach, I'm committed to helping you mold your mindset & begin to live your most mindful life. For more, be sure to read my Is Mindfulness the Key to Mental Health blog post before you get started!

Keep scrolling for small, attainable & realistic ways to weave mindfulness techniques into your life starting TODAY.


Emphasize Your Breath

This seems obvious & perhaps overly simple, but your breath is SO powerful.

Breathwork has personally been a super effective skill to help me manage anxiety & bring my body out of the fight-or-flight state that stress triggers.

There are MANY techniques worth exploring, but I personally love & use the below:

  • 3-4-5: inhale for 3, hold for 4, exhale for 5.

  • Box breathing: inhale for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4, hold for 4.

  • Count your breath: count 1 on the inhale, 2 on the exhale, 3 on the inhale, 4 on the exhale - on & on up to 10. Repeat.

I often add these to my meditation practice to help shift my body & mind into a more relaxed state.

Hack Your Morning Routine

If there's ever a time to set yourself up for success, it's before you dive into the day. I by NO means expect you to have a 2-hour routine in order to be "healthy" or successful - instead I encourage you to choose 1-2 things you're able to realistically commit to every day, regardless of where you are.


When it comes to weaving a more mindful perspective into your morning, I encourage you to stay off of your phone for at least 30-60 minutes while you wake up, enjoy your coffee, breath & set the tone for the day.

Meditation specifically is an incredibly powerful practice that has transformed my life & become an integral part of my own morning routine. Read my 7 Steps to Finally Commit to Your Meditation Practice blog post below to help you get started!

Let Nature Be Your Healer

We've probably all experienced the wonderful physical & mental health benefits of spending time in nature. Numerous studies have even shown the significant relationship between mindfulness & connectedness to nature.

These days, we tend to spend the vast majority of our days inside glued to screens, so this is your sign to make more of an effort to weave time outdoors into your daily routine.


This could look like choosing to bike to work, taking a walk in the evening after dinner or enjoying your morning coffee on your deck. To really reap the maximum benefits, leave your phone behind or at least make an effort not to spend your time outside scrolling or answering email...

These simple activities really can make a HUGE difference in our mood & sense of connectedness to the world around us.

Make Meals Distraction-Free

Don't worry, I'm guilty of this one too...

It's very easy to spend our mealtimes scrolling on our phones or watching a show, but this change will make all the difference.

When we sit down to eat without external distractions, we're forced to slow down, focus on the meal in front of us, & connect to how certain foods make us feel.

Plus, mindful eating actually improves digestion & allows you to tap in to your hunger & fullness cues more effectively.

Connect With Your Thoughts

In order to be more mindful & aware of our feelings, actions & behaviors, we have to first connect with our thoughts.

Many clients I work with admit to distracting themselves with social media, technology, friends or other vices like food, alcohol, etc. 

Again, meditation has helped me tremendously to feel more connected, but other practices like journaling & therapy are likewise highly impactful.


If you're a newbie to all of these practices, I encourage you to begin with a short guided meditation (I love Headspace for this) or a reflection, gratitude & manifestation journal like the Five Minute Journal (I recommend this to clients all the time!).

Hopefully these quick tips provide some guidance when it comes to becoming a more mindful version of yourself!

I love hearing from y'all when you put these types of practices & tips into play in your own lives, so never hesitate to reach out☺️. 

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