How to Combat the Daylight Saving Blues

lifestyle wellness Nov 12, 2022

If you're feeling the effects of daylight saving on your mood, productivity and routine this week, you're not alone...

While, yes, the extra light in the morning is definitely helping me get out of bed, the 5 pm sunset is really a downer.

As y'all know, I always have your back and am here to help you set yourself up for success this season. Keep scrolling for simple but highly effective ways to combat the winter blues and keep your brain and body happy!

Make movement a priority

Exercise is a surefire way to maintain and elevate both mood and energy levels, plus it also improves your quality of sleep.

Exercise is proven to reduce anxiety and depression while improving quality of life, emotional well-being and self confidence. Even a short, daily walk can make all the difference!

Embrace daily "light therapy"

Whether you're soaking it in directly from the sun or from artificial sources like sun lamps, it’s an extremely helpful way to regulate your circadian rhythm and boost happy chemicals in the brain.

Check out this "happy light" I love especially for those who live in places with less sunlight this time of year.

Amp up your diet intentionally

We know that food is truly medicine, so now's the time to support your body with a little extra love!

I recommend loading up on foods that nourish the gut (including fermented and fiber-rich foods), dark leafy greens, fatty fish, nuts and seeds plus colorful, nutrient-dense/antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies.

Supplement when needed

Always discuss this with your doctor before beginning any new supplement routine, but some things I double-down on this time of year include magnesium, omega-3s, vitamins D & C, zinc and probiotics.

Check out my favorite brands and additional suggestions in the blog post below.

Stick to a schedule

This seems simple, but it's truly one of the most powerful ways to improve your quality of sleep and support your body and brain during seasonal changes.

Try getting to bed and waking up at the same time each day (or at least within the same 30-minute window). If you struggle with the darkness, clocks that mimic natural sunlight can also be helpful.

Get cozy with your wardrobe & space

Simply said, getting cozy makes us feel good! Plus, it's a great excuse to embrace all that this season provides us.

Throw on your comfy sweaters, sit by the fire, light a candle, bring out the festive decorations, etc.

Embrace seasonal flavors & recipes 

Mother Nature always knows BEST, which is why the produce that’s currently in season is filled with the nutrients we need to support our bodies and brains during the colder, darker months.

Warming spices, root veggies, etc. contain supportive vitamins and minerals plus they also encourage the energetic need to hibernate and get grounded. Aka there's NO shame in ordering the pumpkin spice latte - it’s an instant mood booster.

Make social plans to get outside

This serves as a double whammy as social interactions are crucial to mental and emotional health, PLUS all the better if you get outside while doing it.

Meet a friend or loved to grab a coffee and go for a walk, take your pups to the dog park or go for a run. I can promise you'll feel infinitely better afterwards!

Let me know how these habits and tips help YOU this week!

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