How to Eat Healthier AND Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

lifestyle wellness Oct 01, 2023

When working with clients or chatting with those in my online community, I often hear that the fear of having to sacrifice foods you love holds you back in your wellness journey.

Through the recipes I share and discussions we have around food, mindset, and balance, it's my goal to show you that this is simply NOT the case!

I talked a bit about this on my Instagram this week and wanted to dive in deeper with you here...

Shoot me a note if you want to chat more about any of the tips below.

ALL foods can fit...

 First, it's so important to learn that ALL foods truly can and should fit into a healthy diet and lifestyle. Understanding that some foods are more nourishing for your body while others feed the soul, experiences, joy, etc. is an integral aspect in achieving true “balance”.

You have to decide what the ideal balance looks like to YOU, which is where mindful eating plays a huge role.

Be open to more nutritious swaps

 You might be surprised by how much you enjoy healthier alternatives to some of your favorite foods when you're open to giving them a try.

 Paying more attention to ingredients and focusing on consuming mostly real, whole foods is a great place to start. Not only will you find that meals without unwanted additives and processed ingredients taste better, but you'll also be amazed by how much better you feel.

Some of my favorite "healthier" recipes to get you started - my Healthy Chicken Parmesan, Lettuce Wraps, and Carrot Cake Bars. Check out my blog for TONS more recipes!

Focus on what you can ADD IN

 This is one of the TOP tips I discuss with my health coaching clients. When we think about ADDING IN more nutritious elements to our meals and diet overall instead of focussing on what we think we "should" cut out, we begin to approach eating with a more open-minded, abundant mindset.

This could look like sneaking some extra veggies into your favorite pasta, grabbing a piece of fruit with your nightly chocolate, or drinking a glass of water before your morning latte. Small tweaks like these have a profound impact over time, let me tell you.

Everything in moderation!

I truly believe that we should be able to enjoy the foods we love most as a mindful and intentional consumer. As with most things in life (sweets, alcohol, screen time, etc.) a little bit can add to our experience, but there can simply be too much of a good thing.

Consider the mindful eating tips I linked above to help you slow down and be more aware and intentional in order to savor the foods you love when you do enjoy them.

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