How to Embrace the Holidays with Ease

lifestyle wellness Dec 15, 2022

If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed this time of year, you're not alone. As a health coach, it's my job to help my clients learn how to set themselves up for success, and as a part of the GWG community, I want the same for YOU!

Below are some of my top recommendations to include in your wellness "toolkit" this season to end 2022 feeling your healthiest and happiest.

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Commit to daily & weekly non-negotiables

This is a tip I give to clients when they're traveling or life gets crazy, and it's perfectly fitting for the holidays. Instead of stressing about trying to maintain all of your healthy habits and routines (which is impossible this time of year), I recommend choosing just 1-2 DAILY and WEEKLY activities you're able and willing to commit to. Make these approachable, doable and realistic to truly set yourself up for success!

I discussed this idea in more depth on my Instagram earlier this week, so I recommend checking out that video! 

Prioritize a daily mindfulness practice

Even if it’s just one minute of your day, close your eyes and breathe. This season quickly gets hectic and we want to make sure we're entering into all of the festivities grounded and present, right?

Choose whatever speaks to you - a morning meditation, journal session, phone-free walk, etc. This small break from the craziness will not only make you feel better but will also allow you to respond more intentionally to whatever the day has in store.

Flex your "no" muscle 

Your social calendar is likely filling up, and in order to show up present and as your best self, take some time to reset and relax if necessary.

Prioritize what's really important to you, say yes to events and activities that bring you joy, and politely decline what you know will drain your energy or happiness. You can't do it all, so cut yourself some slack and give yourself the grace you'd give to others.

Get movement in when possible

Easier said than done at times, I’m aware, but personally nothing sets me up for a great day more than a good sweat. Schedule a class or connect with a workout buddy ahead of time for accountability.

That being said, know that it's OKAY to be out of your typical workout routine this season – it will happen, and a shakeup is actually needed at times.

Embrace the rest days as they come, and enjoy the opportunities to escape and get a little sweat in when you can. The endorphins and time spent focussing on you will boost your mood and allow you to return to the celebrations on a high note!

Schedule in some self care

Whether it's a face mask, your favorite latte, acupuncture, an infrared sauna session, etc., I'm all about slipping in small acts of kindness for ourselves. In this season of giving, it's incredibly important to show yourself the same kindness you show others by resting and recharging your body, mind and spirit!

The holidays are a break for a reason, so allow time and space to reassess and then return after the festivities feeling rejuvenated.

Take the "add in" approach

In a healthy, balanced life, there has to be room for foods that fuel both the body AND the soul. We know that wholesome, nutritious foods make us feel our best, but foods that connect us with family, create traditions and bring us joy are equally as important during the holidays.

A basic rule of thumb I like to keep in mind - what can I ADD IN to my meals, diet, etc. that supports my health? Maybe it's greens in a morning smoothie or a water between cocktails. Instead of focussing on what we feel we have to restrict and cut out, try leaning into this "abundance" mindset and see how it makes you feel.

Think big picture

Lastly, I want to remind y'all that this time is temporary! At the end of the day, a few missed workouts or fewer veggies than usual won't make a difference in the big scheme of things.

Think about what you want to look back on and remember about the holiday season - memories with family, being present and partaking in all of the festivities, of course :)

Find this helpful?

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