Matcha Green Goddess Smoothie

breakfast recipes Nov 29, 2019

Smoothies are one of the easiest ways to get extra superfoods and tons of nutrients into one, portable and delicious meal. And while it’s hard to go wrong with just about any flavor combination, I personally love getting my greens in early with this Matcha Green Goddess Smoothie.


It’s no shocker that I’m in love with matcha — just follow me on Instagram to see my favorite places to snag one around town and how I make mine own daily! Not only does it bring tons of green goodness to this and every recipe, but it’s also filled with antioxidants and natural, sustainable energy to keep you going all day long.

Check out my How I Kicked My Caffeine Addiction (And Can Still Enjoy Coffee) to learn more about why I’ve turned to matcha over coffee, but one major reason is the powerful health benefits it brings to the table. This includes matcha’s ability to protect the liver and promote brain and heart health. Plus, matcha provides a lasting boost without the crash or dependence I felt with coffee.

For these reasons, it tops my lists of superfoods we can easily incorporate into our daily diet beyond a morning latte alone. Check out my Mini Matcha Vegan Cheesecakes and Matcha Kettle Corn for sweet and savory uses for this nutrient-packed ingredient. I also share 4 new recipes with my other favorite superfoods in my Superfoods 101 E-Book, which you can download for free now!

As for the other greens in this loaded smoothie, spinach, avocado and mint bring tons of flavor and health benefits of their own. While you’re welcome to throw in a handful of any other veggies you love, I found this combo is exactly what you need to start the day off on the right foot.

Specifically, spinach is packed with tons of essential vitamins and minerals, while avocado brings a punch of healthy fats to keep you full and satisfied. Likewise, mint provides a hint of freshness as well as nutrients to improve digestion and boost brain function. Combine these rockstar ingredients with some frozen mango and banana for a little sweetness, and you’re in business.

If you have the time to make this into a smoothie bowl with your favorite toppings, I highly encourage you to do so. But it’s just as delicious and fortifying poured right into a glass or Yeti as you run out the door  . Trust me, getting your greens in never tasted so good!


 YIELDS1 Serving
 PREP TIME5 mins


  •  1 cup fresh or frozen spinach
  •  1  frozen banana
  •  ½ cup frozen mango
  •  2 tsp matcha powder
  •  1 cup unsweetened nut milk
  •  ½  avocado
  •  ¼ cup fresh mint


1. Add all ingredients to a high speed blender.
2. Mix until well combined and smooth.
3. Add more nut milk if needed or if you prefer a thinner smoothie.
4. Pour into a bowl or tall glass.
5. Finish with toppings of choice. Enjoy!



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