Is Mindfulness the Key to Mental Health?

lifestyle wellness May 11, 2022

The power that's within...

I recently posted a question box on Instagram to gather y'all's current health & wellness challenges. An overwhelming amount of responses referred to struggles with motivation, fulfillment, stress & overwhelm.

While all of our situations & struggles are unique, I believe there are simple, effective ways we can all improve our mental health. I could go on & on about the benefits of a nourishing diet & movement on mental health (two very important factors). But today I challenge you to consider the role MINDFULNESS plays in mental health.

Not sure where to begin? Let's dive in...

What is mindfulness, anyway?

By definition, mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are & what we're doing. When we're being mindful, we're not reactive or overwhelmed by what's happening around us (or to us).

Every human being possesses the ability to be mindful. It's not a state we have to create but rather a state we have to learn to access.

Common mindfulness practices include meditation, breathwork, yoga & spending time in nature.

Mindfulness & Mental Health

There are actually studies that show how mindfulness practices reduce symptoms of anxiety & depression. When we become more aware of our thoughts & feelings through mindfulness, we're able to manage these thoughts & feelings better instead of being overwhelmed & negatively impacted by them.

The sense of groundedness & awareness cultivated in mindfulness practices not only benefit us in the moment, but these feelings are also carried with us into the rest of our days & lives.

How to implement mindfulness

Personally, incorporating mindfulness practices into my daily life has significantly helped me manage my own stress & anxiety. Plus, I feel more productive & creative when a mindfulness practice is a part of my daily routine.

I swear by daily meditation, movement, breathwork & getting outside into nature as often as I can.

These acts might seem simple, but they're often sacrificed first when life gets busy. One of my favorite sayings to live by is when you feel overwhelmed, SLOW DOWN rather than speed up. And this is exactly how mindfulness works in our daily lives!

Struggling to get started and/or commit? Check out my 7 Steps to FINALLY Commit to Your Meditation Practice blog post for everything you need.

Want to discuss more deeply? I love it when y'all DM me on Instagram or shoot me a message to connect one-on-one. Never hesitate to reach out!

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