Monthly Favs: What I Loved in March 2022

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After a little hiatus from Monthly Favs, we're back! I've been receiving lots of good feedback from y'all lately that you missed these little round-ups, which makes me so so happy to hear.

I also love the opportunity to do a bit of reflection on all of the things that brought goodness and joy into my life, so it's a win-win.

March was a busy one in my world, and I have LOTS of exciting things to share with y'all in the month ahead as well. Stay tuned!

Wishing you a wonderful new month and good vibes for April :) .












  • Spending time in the Dominican Republic for a friend's wedding and getting to stay a few extra days to relax and soak in some extra sun!
  • Celebrating a dear friend's bachelorette in Nashville, woo
  • Crock Pot Chicken Curry - check out the step-by-step video here and get the full details on the blog.



  • Eating the rainbow, but also understanding WHY. I break down what all of the different colors in plant food mean for your body and your health in this post!
  • Minimal, daily makeup routine to feel like a human on those days you just need a little oomph, ya know? I share my current regime on my IG feed.
  • Starting my girl Nicole's latest workout program, Live & Lift! I love that this one is 3 workouts a week - perfect for those who like to include runs or other fitness classes into their routine as well.







  • Monocrhomatic outfits - especially with this super cute set from WaveWear
  • Ordering what you actually want while dining out! Eggs benedict is a personal favorite and just always hits the spot.
  • Hoka Women's Clifton 8



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