Simple Tips to Reduce & Prevent Stress

lifestyle wellness Nov 02, 2022

Stress is almost always one of the main health concerns my clients come to me with, looking for relief. I love working to help others establish healthy habits that make them feel their best, and making sure we're adequately managing stress is a major step towards our healthiest, happiest selves.

If you're been feeling a little extra stressed or anxious lately, keep scrolling for some actionable, realistic solutions. Plus, my Stick It To Stress Workshop dives into TONS more info and techniques to help support you!

Cultivate a mindfulness practice

I obviously cannot harp enough on the importance of honing a mindfulness practice. This is something I always work with my clients to discover, and it really can be made your own in a variety of ways.

I encourage you to check out my Hacks to Feel More Mindful Right Now7 Steps to FINALLY Commit to Your Meditation Practice, and Is Mindfulness the Key to Mental Health? blog posts to get you started!

Eat for a calm mind

We know that food IS medicine, so let's use it to our advantage for mind and body, right? What we put into our bodies can help dictate how we feel in so many ways. For a calm, happy mind, I encourage you to focus on what feeds the gut, as the Brain/Gut Axis is so powerful. This includes whole, real foods, especially colorful, high-fiber fruits and veggies, healthy fats and probiotic-rich foods.

On the other hand, we want to limit foods that spike our blood sugar like refined carbohydrates, as this "crash" impacts mood, concentration, energy levels, etc. Likewise, consuming alcohol and caffeine mindfully and in moderation will make a HUGE difference in how anxious and stressed you feel.

Get moving & get outside

When you're active, your body released endorphins, the "feel good" neurotransmitters that make us feel happy and energized. Studies show that movement helps reduce anxiety and depression, and exercise can even be a MORE effective solution than medication for these conditions!

Likewise, nature is a proven stress-reliever, so when you can combine these two, all the better.

Prioritize sleep

We all know how important sleep is, but we don't necessarily always take care of our selves with consistent, mindful sleep habits. I encourage you to check out my Morning & Evening Routine Hacks That Will Change Your Life blog post to help you establish better habits around sleep.

Plus, my Sleep Workshop has tons of recommendations and tools for you to get the best sleep of your life.

Supplement mindfully

Y'all know how I feel about supplements - they're not a shortcut or magic cure, but they absolutely can help support our bodies and minds when needed. My 4 Health-Coach-Approved Supplements for Anxiety blog post will be a great place to start!

Does this resonate? Let me know! I always love hearing what topics are speaking to you lately :)

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