Start These Habits NOW & End 2022 Strong

fitness lifestyle wellness Nov 06, 2022

Is anyone else shook that we only have TWO months left of 2022...?! I feel like time is flying by more quickly than ever and before we know it we'll be entering into the New Year. 

If this makes you a bit anxious, fear not. You're not alone, and I'm here to help you end the year strong. Together we can see these coming two months as an opportunity to recommit to our goals and end the year on a high note - it just takes some prioritization.

Here are a few ways you can kick your wellness into gear and leave 2022 feeling incredible!

Establish consistent morning & evening routines

I just led a Wellness Workshop on this topic last week, and I highly recommend checking out the recording below! We dove into SO MUCH in regards to breaking bad habits, establishing more consistent but flexible routines and setting yourself up for success.

And don't worry, I even discuss how to maintain healthy habits and routines while traveling and during busy times so you'll be ready for the holidays this year.

Commit to a daily mindfulness practice

Especially as our lives and schedules get crazy heading into the holidays, we simply must make time for ourselves. Whether your mindfulness practice includes meditation, breathwork, journaling, praying, etc., commit to at least 10 minutes in the morning and/or evening to get grounded.

These practices have a compounding effect over time, so if you start NOW, you'll simply be a different person come the New Year.

Cook at home more than you eat out

There's so much to be said about the power of home cooking. Yes, of course, it can help us make healthier choices with our diet, but there's also a spiritual element that I just can't explain.

Heading into a season of business, make it a priority to eat at home more often than you dine out and utilize this time to connect with loved ones and mindfully nourish your body (and soul).

Choose a few fun, healthy recipes to look forward to each week to get started!

Focus on what you can ADD IN to your meals

My mindset towards improving diet always begins with an add-in approach. Instead of focussing on what you "should" cut out and eliminate from your diet, instead think about what good things you can incorporate into each meal. This could be more greens, protein, whole fruits and veggies, healthy fats, and so on. 

Especially when dining out, during the holidays or at parties, you should absolutely enjoy the festivities that this season has in store. Consider this "add in" approach to help you find a greater sense of balance and flexibility.

Schedule your workouts at the beginning of the week

This seems simple, but with all that's going on in the coming months, we often forgo the daily habits that make us feel our best.

On the weekend, take a few minutes to assess the coming week and schedule your time to take a class, go for a walk or whatever type of movement you're looking forward to and know will make you feel energized.

This little bit of planning and forward-thinking will pay off more than you know!

These are just a few ways to commit to yourself as 2022 comes to a close. I can promise you that you'll feel ready and empowered to hit the ground running in January by starting NOW with a few small steps.

Here to be your cheerleader always!

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