What I Drink Every Morning & Why

beauty lifestyle wellness Feb 11, 2019

The moment my eyes open in the morning, my first thought is typically the same–COFFEE. I’m one of those people. And though my daily cup(s) of joe aren’t far off, my morning routine actually starts with another beverage.

Before I whip up breakfast and go for that much-needed coffee, I’ve implemented an easy and effective morning drink into my routine. For years, I’d begin my day with a straight shot of Apple Cider Vinegar. The intense taste and smell always made me cringe, but it became a habit, and I began to accept this powerful wake up call. But lately, I’ve taken a cue from those I follow in the wellness community and switched it up a bit.

In a mason jar, I heat up about 16 ounces of filtered water, add the juice of half a lemon, a healthy splash of ACV and cayenne pepper. Personally, I love the heat of the cayenne, but many people choose to use cinnamon instead. Honey is another common ingredient in this mixture as well. Personally, I’ve become accustomed to the sour flavor alone (and don’t like overly sweet drinks).

I know my concoction might make me sound insane, but the benefits speak for themselves. Simply put, beginning my day with a large glass of water just makes me feel good. From the amount I sweat during exercise, I constantly need to replenish with plenty of water throughout the day, and this is the first step.

After researching further why this morning ritual is beneficial to overall health, I was even more impressed. Simply warming up the water helps digestion and can reduce metabolic waste that builds up in our systems over night.

Apple Cider Vinegar obviously gets a lot of hype these days, as it’s been seen to help with digestion, healthy weight maintenance, blood sugar regulation, heart health, immunity and even promotes glowing skin.

The addition of lemon also adds a boost of Vitamin C, Potassium and antioxidants. As for the cayenne pepper, I love the metabolism boost it gives first thing in the morning. But it’s also full of vitamins and minerals and helps clear your sinuses, which is always a plus this time of year. Besides the boost my morning drink gives me, I’ve noticed it actually has helped with my digestion and skin health.

Because my personal mixture might be a little strong for some, I’d recommend adding honey to sweeten it up and combat the strength of the ACV. And if this drink still isn’t for you, there are many other ways to incorporate these ingredients into your diet throughout the rest of the day! This tangy vinegar is a staple ingredient in almost all of my dressings and sauces.

If you can get past the initial eye-twitch induced by Apple Cider Vinegar, I can’t recommend it more. Combine it with my suggestions or create a version of your own, and you’ll experience the benefits in no time.

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