Monthly Favs: What I Loved in April

beauty fashion lifestyle wellness Apr 30, 2021

It wasn’t until this year that I realized that April might be one of my favorite months. The weather begins to really take a turn for the better without being too hot (short-lived in Austin) and new life seems abundant.

These monthly round-ups on the blog have been such a fun way to share with y’all the products, recipes, outfits and activities I’ve been loving lately. But personally, they’re also a great way to do a bit of reflection on my end. We tend to live in such a go-go-go world in which we’re always looking towards the next activity or item to cross off of our to-do list.

So this month especially, I’ve been working to slow down and pay more attention to what’s really important. And often that means doing LESS and reprioritizing – something I’m always working on.

I hope you take some time this weekend to do the same and reflect on what brought goodness into YOUR April, what you want to bring with you into May, and what you can leave behind that’s no longer serving you.

Happy spring, y’all 

  • Sweet Potato Crust Quiche – we enjoyed this for our Easter celebration, and it’s the perfect brunch item to make for the family
  • The Farmer’s Dog – poor Sasco has been struggling with some tummy issues and a distaste for her food since we got her, and we’ve heard amazing things about this brand! So far she is LOVING it, and more updates to come…
  • Having Sasco home from training at Wisetails Academy! And the opportunity to finally take her off-leash. Check out my Instagram highlight with all of the information about her journey.
  • Liquid IV Limited Edition Pear – this flavor is easily one of my new favorites – use code GOODNESSWITHG for 25% off & free shipping
  • Spa day with my mama at Alive + Well
  • Instagram Live with Karen Ballou from Immunocologie all about preventative skincare and the skin microbiome
  • Cozy Cave dog bed by Sleeper Pet – Sasco is obsessed!

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