Monthly Favs: What I Loved in March 2023

fitness lifestyle wellness Mar 31, 2023

Who else is welcoming spring with open arms? I can't pretend that I had an awful winter living in South Florida, but I know many of y'all are craving the warmer weather and longer days.

Weather aside, I really just love the overall *vibe* that spring provides - renewal, life, growth, new beginnings. It's a time to shed the old and welcome in the new. That can literally refer to purging your closet and cleaning corners of your house that have been neglected. Yet I also find that "spring cleaning" can go far beyond your space alone.

This season provides the perfect opportunity to breathe some new life into your daily habits, to what and whom you're dedicating your energy, wellness routines, and more.

If you're needing some help leaning into this, I highly encourage you to check out my Spring Clean Your Routine Workshop. I share tons of tips, techniques, and resources to help you lean into your best self this season!

Otherwise, keep on scrolling for the recipes, events, hacks, outfits and more that I've been loving this past month. Happy April!

  • This blue dress! My new favorite that I now need in every color possible.
  • The new Voyager Collection from Mersea, one of my favorite Kansas City-based clothing companies. Everything is so comfortable, well made, and perfect for the coming spring/summer seasons.
  • Starla alcohol-removed wines to make an evening feel special without the consequences.
  • Half marathon training! It's felt so amazing to get out there and challenge myself leading up to the race in April.
  • How to cut the most perfect, beautiful avocado slices every time - check out my tutorial on IG.
  • How to build balanced meals with my super simple "formula" that will never lead you astray.
  • Banana Bread Baked Oatmeal for a simple meal prep breakfast, snack, etc. (and a great use for ripe bananas).
  • A round-up of my favorite supplements, per y'all's request.
  • How to get more "sneaky veggies" into your diet - check out my simple tips on IG!
  • This Winter Nourish Bowl that truly has ALL of my favorite ingredients.
  • Exploring more of Palm Beach! Slowly finding some fav places and absolutely loving this town, our neighborhood, and new life down here so much :)

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