Is THIS Holding You Back From Optimal Health?

lifestyle wellness Jun 07, 2022

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach I work with clients to improve their lives through up-leveling their wellness and implementing intentional routines and habits (learn more about my programs here if you're interested!).

The fact that my clients have chosen to work with me in the first place is a major step that proves they're committed to enhancing their lives, but this is just the beginning. It takes daily work, effort and commitment in order to see real change!

And it's this right here - choosing to prioritize taking care of yourself - that is exactly what holds most people, not just my clients, from achieving optimal healing.

We're all busy and have a million things on our plates at any one time - I get it, I do as well! But I know from my personal experience that you have to really, deeply begin to understand how important it is to take care of yourself first to be able to fully show up for your life in the best way.

Ring a bell, but you just can't seem to get there? Listen up...


What I've found (and included in my 5 Mindset Shifts That Will Change Your Life blog post) is that most people who feel stuck, unfulfilled or unsatisfied need to start with assessing where there is a misalignment between one's actions and values.

In the Mindset Reset Bootcamp that kicks off on June 20th, I have a specific, in-depth exercise you'll complete and we will work through together to help bring this concept to life!

But here's a brief intro...

Really take some time to analyze your daily actions, habits and routines. What do you spend your time on? How do you react to stress? How are you nourishing your body on a consistent basis? How are you spending your free time? Who are you spending your time with?

Now, take a moment to think about what you value most (often several things) - perhaps it's community, independence, physical health, peace, quality time with loved ones, feeling connected, adventure, courtesy, etc.

Lastly, honestly ask yourself if your daily actions are in-line with what you value most? Are you keeping these values in mind within your daily habits or are they at odds with one another?

If you're thinking that you might be able to improve in this area, your'e not alone.

This is just one of the theories we'll dive into MUCH more deeply together in the Mindset Reset Bootcamp to help you understand what holds you back from living your healthiest, happiest life.

Together, we'll use these understandings to help you create specific, intentional routines and habits that are rooted in your values and help you achieve the specific goals you'll set for yourself in all aspects of your health.

Excited to learn more and finally say YES to you? Join the Mindset Reset now!

The commitment is yours to make, and I'm here to coach and guide you through the whole journey. Sign ups close June 17th, so don't miss out!

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