Monthly Favs: What I Loved in November 2022

fashion fitness lifestyle Nov 30, 2022

As we head into the last month of the year, I'm feeling super nostalgic and reflective as I think about all of the high and lows that 2022 had to offer. December can often be a hectic month with travels and the holidays, so I encourage you now more than ever to tap into whatever it is that brings you peace.

Personally, I'm doubling-down on activities and habits that make me feel best in mind, body and spirit after a packed November. This includes daily meditation, focussing on nutrient-dense meals and moving my body mindfully.

However you're feeling entering this new month, I'm here for you always. If you're looking to connect a bit more deeply and cultivate a greater sense of community, also be sure to check out my NEW community group!

Keep scrolling for my November favs and let me know what YOU have been loving this past month ☺️.

  • Returning to the One & Only Palmilla where we got married last year for our one year anniversary. It's truly our absolute favorite place!
  • Habits to start NOW to end the year strong - this one speaks for itself. It's NEVER too late or too early to make impactful changes in our health.
  • A few days soaking in some sun and unplugging. On this trip I read Carrie Soto is Back and it was SO good if you need a book recommendation!
  • Nightly sunset walks, which is something I really want to begin implementing in our routine at home as well (spicy margs optional :))
  • Reminiscing on our wedding one year ago - I can't believe it's flown by that fast!
  • Simple Tips to Reduce & Prevent Stress on the blog to help you feel better every day.
  • Family time! It was so great to be able to spend Thanksgiving with both my and Sam's families. I try not to take that quality time for granted!
  • Eating and enjoying all the holidays have to offer. If you're feeling out of control around food this time of year, check out this video for my thoughts and tips.
  • Most of all - quality time with Sam! We have been so dang busy this year, we really needed this trip to just focus on us without distractions.

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